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Locally manufactured clothing designs

Mother joey
mother + joey began as two mothers, Peta Purcell and Rowena Campbell seeing a future in family fashion, which had purpose for themselves, their families and many more generations to come.
Their style is timeless, and concept is unique – being Australia’s first fashion label dedicated to twinning for mothers, sons, daughters (aka joeys) and soon dads.
Hand-crafted in Australia, designed in their Hunter Valley workshop, they are proudly part of the minority who are making clothes onshore, supporting the ‘slow fashion’ movement and keeping the traditional skills of pattern designing, dressmaking and high-quality tailoring alive.
The past year the creators have found themselves growing their creative circle of local production partners who include a local woodworker in Morpeth, leather artisans in Maitland, and a team of tailors in Sydney whose skills are impeccable.
“The concept always starts with us mocking up designs in our sewing workshop, and we start making things ourselves – until we looked for help and found the skills and expertise in our production team could not be matched,” said co-founder Peta.
“We now financially support experts in pattern designing, pattern grading and the professional tailoring industry and love the idea of our label employing people in a now very limited industry in Australia. Our labels and care instructions, buttons and fabric are sourced in Sydney.
“It makes the production process much easier being so close to the suppliers. We can whip down to Sydney and back in the same day to oversee and direct the project, and be home to our families with our stock.”