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Business News: These cover topics such as major contracts, new products, expansions and other general news of interest to our Hunter business readers.
Business Advice: Each issue also includes a number of authored articles, either in features or in the Business Advice section. Stories should be general in nature, not direct marketing pieces. Please discuss these with the editorial team before specifically writing an authored article for the Hunter Business Review.
New Appointments: New staff appointments in the Hunter Region
Property: Includes reports and other content. Great new packages are available for advertisers in the form of both classifieds & display advertisements


  • Defence & Aerospace : Covering these major industies for the Hunter, including current facilities, projects & emerging opporunties.
  • Business and the Environment: Covering the important area of environmental sustainability, including legislation, opportunities, market perception and other related issues.
Booking deadline 17 July


  • Hunter Business Function Guide: Your guide to running an event in the Hunter Region.
Booking deadline 14 August


  • Building and Construction: Covering projects in the Hunter and the organisations in this major segment of the local economy.
  • Business Financing: There are an ever increasing variety of financing options available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This feature will provide advice on financing options and cover some of the finance providers in the market.
Booking deadline 18 September

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