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J&S Engineering gains ISO 9001 certification

J&S Engineering and Maintenance in Rutherford is a manufacturing and re-manufacturing centre for mining and heavy engineering that has always had a strict focus on quality. To highlight this, the company decided to gain independent recognition of existing systems, processes and procedures that have underpinned 30 years of manufacturing and re-manufacturing.
While documenting quality processes around new manufactured products is not arduous it becomes much more difficult in the re-manufacturing world. Re-lifing large damaged components has many challenges due to variation in both components and damage mechanisms, creating a quality platform to support this service demonstrates robust processes and business management.
J&S Engineering has gained certification to ISO 9001 Quality Standards through QMS quality certification body. This project began mid 2017 with final verification completed in October 2017. J&S Engineering General Manager, Mr Greg Searles attributed the success of this certification as a function of existing sound manufacturing processes and committed staff, “ We simply had to finalise documentation of existing operating procedures and instigate robust communicate strategies to better support employees and customers”. Mr Searles also recognised the support of all employees during the process, “to achieve this outcome without impacting production and delivery was realised through efforts of all employees, and in particular the WHS Officer, Ian Armstrong.
J&S Engineering is optimistic that independent quality certification will open up new opportunities in other industrial sectors.