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Hunter Water will invest $1B to support future growth

With the Hunter region’s population set to increase to one million by 2050, Hunter Water have announced that over the next ten years they will invest $1.1 billion into better infrastructure to support this growth. According to Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water Niall Blair, Hunter Water needs to be planning now, if the region is to see the population reach a million.
Hunter Water will spend $40 million on the Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant to cope with future demand, which could be 47 billion litres of water annually over the next 10 years.
In Maitland $48 million will be invested in expanding the Farley Wastewater Treatment Works to allow for 8,000 new homes in Rutherford, Lochinvar and Aberglasslyn. $15 million will be spent as part of the Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works expansion.
While investing in new and improved infrastructure, Hunter Water Managing Director Kim Wood has said they are committed to keeping their average water bill among the cheapest in Australia,
“Over the next four years I expect Hunter Water’s customers will see no increase in their bill above the rate of inflation, which is just 49 cents per week. If you remove the impact of inflation, the typical water bill will actually decrease over the next four years.”
The 10-year infrastructure program is detailed in Hunter Water’s 2016-20 price submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, in which the utility has recommended household water prices rise by no more than inflation.
Water and Sewerage Spending by State Electorate
Electorate 10 year forecast Flagship project
Cessnock $72,266,137 Kurri Kurri Wastewater Treatment Works expansion - $6.8m
Charlestown $51,765,947 Water upgrades - $7m
Lake Macquarie $170,673,613 Wyee Sewer Scheme - $29.9m
Maitland $205,448,813 Farley Wastewater Treatment Works expansion - $47.9m
Newcastle $228,496,577 Farley Wastewater Treatment Works expansion - $47.9m
Port Stephens $259,838,797 Raymond Terrace Wastewater Treatment Works expansion - $62.6m
Swansea $48,913,864 Swansea Channel water pipeline - $3.5m
Upper Hunter $54,134,782 Dungog Wastewater Treatment Works expansion - $15m
Wallsend  $65,709,461 Jesmond wastewater system expansion - $5.7m

Hunter Water’s proposed 2016-20
Pricing Period charges for a house using 185 kilolitres annually

   2015-16  2016-17  2017-18  2018-19  2019-20  Per week increase

Water and
Sewer bill

 $1,069.09  $1,086.65  $1,112.51  $1,141.06  $1,170.52  $0.49

% Change
on previous

 Current  1.6%  2.4%  2.6%  2.6%  


Growth projections for Lower Hunter
  2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 2050
Population 549,041 598,141 651,663 709,909 773,396 842,561 917,911 1,000,000
Dwellings 224,210 238,760 253,310 267,860 282,410 296,960 311,510 326,060