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Hunter businesses urged to migrate 'Special Services' ahead of disconnections

nbn is urging businesses in the Hunter region to prepare to migrate their ‘Special Services’ to the nbn broadband access network ahead of the first disconnection from November 2018.
‘Special Services’ are a set of business telecommunication products delivered on copper, aside from your standard landline phone or internet services. These include, but are not limited to, Ethernet Lite, Frame Relay, Megalink, DDS Fastway, ISDN, Wholesale Business DSL, ATM, Wholesale ATM, Wholesale Transmission, Data Access Radial, and Customnet.
For a full list of Special Services that may be disconnected, please visit the Affected Special Services page on the nbn website
For most businesses, switching these services over is not an automatic process - if your ‘Special Services’ are affected you’ll need to arrange new services before your disconnection date or risk losing access to your critical services. Make sure you’re prepared with plenty of time to get your new systems up and running.