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High impact glass developed in the Hunter

Hunter Valley Glas
Hunter Valley Glass & Windscreens has developed Impact Protect to improve the impact resistance of glass within the mining, earthmoving, road and civil machinery.
Hunter Valley Glass was originally approached to provide consultancy services assessing the appropriateness of existing glass after an incident. Through this process a number of improvements were noticed which led to the opportunity to develop Impact Protect to address these.
Impact Protect is unique in that its strength comes from combining interlayers currently used for other applications such as ballistics and architectural. It has a very high shear modulus which allows it to be used within standard glazing processes.
Impact Protect has been installed into many sized machines from Caterpillar 789 Trucks, Caterpillar 6090/60 Excavators, all the way up to the largest machines, the Marion 8050 Draglines.