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GWH design and construct Mercure Newcastle Airport

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The Mercure Hotel Newcastle Airport is a design and construct development comprising of 95 accommodation rooms, restaurant, bar and conference and function facilities over four levels. The building consists of a steel frame and structural and non-structural precast concrete panels.
GWH designed and constructed the hotel from core specifications and it was built within 12 months from start to finish.
A key consideration in the design and construction of the project was the strict acoustic requirements imposed on the design due to its proximity to Williamtown RAAF base. One of the main challenges was formulating an internal framing and lining system that met the acoustic requirements but was at the same time cost effective and efficient to install.
Following an extensive tendering process a project specific technical manual was employed which utilised an acoustic framing system while minimising the number of layers of plasterboard required. The acoustic requirements also meant that a specialised glazing system was needed. After a lengthy tendering process a double and triple glazing system was manufactured locally and utilised in the build.
Precast Panel
150 mm Cladding Panels
• 54 m3
• 318 m2
• 30 panels
• 330 hours of labour to form, pour, lift and load
• 450 Tonnes of panels Transported
150 mm Reckli Panels
• 175 m3
• 1168 m2
• 55 panels
• 605 hours of labour to form, pour, lift and load
• 136 tonnes of panels transported 200 mm Structural, lift shafts and stairwell panels
• 242 m3
• 1210 m2
• 73 panels
• 1752 hours of labour to form, pour, lift and load
• 140 tonne of N16 reinforcement cages
• 650 tonnes of panels ransported
Largest panel is 7.591 H x 3.648 W x 200 mm thick = 14.65 tonnes
Structural Steel
Steel: Floors 1 to 3: 111.879 tonnes
Awning: 1.534 tonnes
Roof: 26.934 tonnes
Panel angles, Brackets etc: 2.134 tonnes
Total steel tonnage : 142.481 tonnes
Plant Platform Grating : 68 m2
Roof Insulation : 1418 m2
Roof Wire : 1500 m2
Site Hold down bolts : 60 sets
Site bolts: 4230 bolt, nut, washer assemblies
Orbiplates bolt assemblies: 1770 assemblies
Roof bridging: 245 m
Roof purlins: 1971 lm
Roof sheets: 1463 m2
300 mm dia half round gutters + accessories: 78 m
Galvanised steel: 8.019 tonnes.
Painted steel: 134.462 tonnes