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DiG Festival 2015

The DiG Festival, to be held in Newcastle on 12 & 13 October, is intended to inform existing businesses and act as a catalyst for attracting a new generation of business and investment to the Hunter focused on clean, green and innovative business.
This year’s theme is Digital Disruption and Transformation – How your Business can Survive & Thrive.
A series of local and international presenters will detail their “war-stories”, inspirational successes and cautionary failures, while structured workshops will introduce attendees to the tools, systems and knowledge their organisation needs to survive and thrive.
There will be a wide array of events, including:
● Disruption and why it affects youJesper Lowgren (Sweden): Transform from ordinary to extraordinary; Panel: Is Australia being left behind in the tech era?
● How to manage change
Gavin Heaton (Aus): Go disrupt yourself. The seven unbelievable rules for survival; Paul Wallbank (Aus):
Future proofing your business – how to grab opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace & workforce;
Craig Wilson (Aus): Narrow & Deep – finding your business niche; Brian Daly (Aus): Weapons of mass disruption – How the tools of branding are now in everybody’s hands
● The new rules for managing people in your business
Alison Michalk (Aus): Is work a place? Creating a company & culture without an office; Rebecca Caroe (NZ):
Working with Millennials – should we adapt business practices for them?
● 21st century marketing
Kit Seeborg (USA): The Disruption Resilience Toolbox – which tools are best for your marketing goals?;
Tracy McKelligott (AUS): Crisis Communications – How to manage the new 24/7 cycle; Panel: Blogging for Business; Eve Mayer (USA): When social media erupts; Workshop: Eve Mayer (USA) – The Social Media Business Equation
● Building community for business
Scott Yates (USA): How crowdsourcing can transform your business; Workshop: Brian Hill (Aus):
Collaboration Practices
● Systems and software to help transform your business
Levi Saubrei (USA): Throw Away Your Servers – Finding an affordable IT infrastructure in the cloud; Panel:
Tech Agnosticism: The machine no longer matters; Special Workshop: As selected by the audience – we solve your biggest business issues and challenges.
The DiG Festival will also include an exhibition of select organisations.
Early bird tickets are available up to 31 August.
For the latest information on the DiG Festival, how to attend and sponsorship opportunities visit