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Property Council unveils new vision for Newcastle

151027 Terras East End
The Property Council has released a new revitalisation plan for Newcastle. Called Maximum Opportunity, it responds to UrbanGrowth NSW’s plan for the heavy rail corridor, and positions Newcastle as Australia’s “first regional city” of the Asia Pacific.
Developed by local industry experts in design, development, infrastructure and planning, the scheme promises to leverage Newcastle’s natural advantages to create destinations that are “people magnets”.
Maximum Opportunity reimagines the City Centre with a series of “Game Changers” to provide world-class public domain, connect communities, stimulate demand and accommodate growth.
The plan is designed to:
• Preserve the heavy rail corridor as an East-West Cycle Transitway.
• Establish a Procession of Public Plazas from Civic Park to the waterfront.
• Provide Darby Common for connectivity and bringing the cycling community together.
• Create Urban Lounge as an authentically Novocastrian public space.
• Form a New City Edge to the waterfront
• Repurpose Newcastle Railway Station as a New Urban Icon to anchor the destination.
• Convert Foreshore Park into an Urban Recreational Paradise with children’s playground, water maze, skate plaza and fitness trail.
• Dedicate Festival Park as our Premier Parkland for world-class concerts and cultural celebrations.
• To pay for it all, launch the City Centre as Australia’s first Tax Increment Financing District.
• Implement a Public-Private Partnership model for Community Engagement over the long-haul.
The plan also includes the creation of a National Indigenous Cultural Institute, which would house the world’s largest collection of Australian indigenous art and artefacts. Representatives of the Awabakal Aboriginal Land Council support the proposal.
Readers are urged to download the submission from and support the revitalisation of Newcastle