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New year = a new you

Gym Ladies
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Kate McKay
The Forum
A brand new year is upon us and the New Year’s resolutions are flooding in.
Now that the Christmas indulgence is over, thank goodness for that, the ultimate goal of a summer body is back on the menu.
With a few smart tips, realistic goals, some hard work and a good mate or personal trainer to get you motivated, your New Year’s resolutions will be well within your reach.
Set goals - If your goal is simply to lose weight, it is likely you may focus too much on the scales instead of the overall health benefits to your body. Instead, make your resolution about improving your health and you will feel the benefits in each small change you make.
Be realistic - Look at your weekly schedule and lock in three times a week where you can get your body moving. The key is mixing things up with a variety of activities that you enjoy. Make time to go for a walk, swim, go the gym or book in that paddle boarding class you’ve been dreaming about.
Eat Well Live Well - We have all heard the saying and yes, it’s true. Fad diets are out and balanced healthy eating is in – so throw away that dieting book and stock up on fresh seasonal produce. A balanced diet consists of fresh fruit, lean meats, dairy, nuts and legumes. Planning and preparing your meals for the week ahead is also a great way to stay on track.
Buddy up – Exercising with a friend, family member or getting a personal trainer will help you push yourself to reach your goals, encourage and support you when the going gets tough and you feel like ditching your morning boot camp.
Keep hydrated – In the summer heat it’s important to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise – aim for two to three litres each day.
Exercise smarter not harder – If outdoors is your cup of tea make the most of the cooler hours by exercising early in the morning or in the evening. If you’re not an early riser take your exercise indoors by joining a gym or taking a group class.
Ease into your workout – Especially if you haven’t been active in a while, make sure you’re warming up well before exercise and not over doing your workout. Don’t forget to stretch and cool down post work out.
Get some new gear – Nothing is more motivating than a new pair of runners or new gym gear. In the hotter months choose lightweight, breathable clothes and footwear to keep your body cool and wick away moisture while you work out.
The key to achieving your goals this New Year is all in the planning; use Sundays to plan your meals and workouts for the week and stick your plan on the fridge to help you stay accountable. There is nothing like a friend to motivate you so team up, get active and you will be feeling great in no time at all!
Remember if you fail it does not mean you have to give up, there is nothing wrong with starting again tomorrow.
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