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Long awaited infrastructure improvements to go ahead

Two projects of significant state and national value are finally going ahead after confirmed funding from both state and Federal Government.
An upgrade to the Scone level rail crossing will address the issue of coal trains travelling through Scone which add to congestion. The project will improve road safety and reduce freight costs.
The duplication of Tourle Street Bridge and Cormorant Road has been identified as a project of national significance as it connects Newcastle Port and Airport to the national highway system.
According to CEO of RDA Hunter, Todd Williams; these projects are the first step to linking the key economic drivers of the Hunter to the national highway system.
“RDA Hunter has been working with stakeholders and all levels of government for more than three years to have key regional infrastructure projects such as this recognised as national priorities and ultimately funded by state and federal governments.”
$51.9 million for the Tourle Street duplication has been secured and budgeted by the Federal Government and matched by the NSW Government dollar-for-dollar with 50% by the Commonwealth and 50% by the State. $45 million will come from the Federal Government and this amount will be matched by the State Government to build the long awaited level crossing at Scone.