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Go Smarter campaign by Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport 3
Newcastle Airport’s CEO, Dr Peter Cock, has challenged the Hunter business community to Go Smarter and make Newcastle Airport their point A when considering travel for business. 
A new education piece has be launched into the market. In an unprecedented investment into the Hunter community by Newcastle Airport, the piece has the aim of showcasing just how easy, quick, smart, and—in many cases—more affordable it is to start your travel, be it for a domestic or international business trip, from Newcastle Airport.
“This Go Smarter campaign is about re-educating the Hunter’s business people that it’s smarter for business to use Newcastle Airport as their point A.
“By choosing Newcastle Airport as your point A, it is possible to fly interstate for business and be home in time for dinner.
“This challenge isn’t about asking the local business community to simply use Newcastle Airport when you fly, but challenging you to rethink how you travel and to use your local airport to its full potential—you really can connect to the world from Newcastle Airport.
“Hunter businesses have been conditioned into thinking that if you’re taking a meeting interstate, bringing delegates to the Hunter, or going overseas for business, you’re resigned to spending hours driving the M1 and dealing with city traffic. Starting from Newcastle Airport makes good business sense when you consider our affordable and convenient parking options.
“When you factor in the true travel costs of making the trek southbound—the two-and-a-half-hour drive, the tolls, the stress of an accident causing traffic chaos—it is faster, and definitely smarter to make Newcastle Airport your point A,” said Peter.
“Choosing Newcastle Airport as your point A for business means you can enjoy fast check-in, park at the door, and have more time to check emails or review work on the go. In the Departures lounge the recent addition of 241 smart seats that include charge points for all of your devices makes business travel even easier.
“Add to this if you’re flying with Virgin Australia or QantasLink, you can check your bags in here at Newcastle and they will meet you at your final destination—be it Adelaide, Perth or even LA, Auckland, or Singapore. That’s not just convenient, it’s smart.
“So, rather than stressing on the M1, I put the challenge out to the people of the Hunter business community, make the smart choice and fly out of Newcastle Airport,” Peter said.