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Digital internship program

We’ve all seen it. Someone secures an internship, turns up and there’s a mad scramble around the office to ‘delegate some work to the student’. It all feels like a bit of an afterthought. The Chimpternship - a digital internship program - aims to change all that.
The Chimpternship is a structured digital publishing internship that enables participants to hone their writing, editorial, research, eCommerce, digital and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills. Gorilla 360 Founding Director, Scott Evans, said that it was important to the Gorilla 360 team to provide a valuable experience that would touch on a comprehensive range of industry-relevant skills.
“We view internships as an important part of giving back and developing our industry, and that’s why we’ve invested a great deal of time in creating a detailed Chimpternship program designed to help create work-ready junior gorillas,” Scott said.
“There are very few skills-based internships in the digital space and plenty of companies that just ‘go through the motions’ with interns, which is why we were determined to create a structured and mutually-beneficial program that’s almost like a mini course. Coffee runs and filing don’t feature in the Chimpternship.”
Melissa Newphry is a recent Chimpternship graduate and says that is was hands down the best intern experience she’s ever had.
“It's not often in an internship that you feel valued for your time and energy, but these guys know what it's like to be juggling work and study so they make the entire process as valuable and flexible as possible,” Melissa said.
“You learn so much in such a short space of time and because of everything I've learnt at Gorilla 360 I feel confident that I can walk into a marketing or communication job with genuine industryrelevant experience and skills behind me. The team are awesome and so friendly, they make you feel like a part of the family.”
If students would like to apply for a Chimpternship the Gorilla 360 team suggest that a traditional resume is not going to propel them to the front of the queue.
“We’re in a creative space, so we’re looking for interns who can demonstrate their ability to be innovative and engaging in their approach,” Scott concluded.