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Why is girl power important for business?

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Paul Siderovski
SiDCOR Chartered Accountants
There has been much written lately about the real business upsides to having diversity in corporate leadership and employing women in general.
Women think differently. Women can do multiple things at the same time.
This is how their brain is wired!
Men can do one thing at a time as this is how we are wired!
Women can be much more detail oriented. This can be a huge strength in meetings, team collaboration, and the development of business partnerships.
Women are THINKERS and FEELERS. They are more calming in an organisation and provide perspective and reasoning more often than their male counterparts. You need the feminine energy in the business together with the masculine. The balance is so powerful for the culture and the success
of the business and thus the profitability. More balance = more profit!!
It's critical to be able to tap into these strengths as an organization and be at the cutting edge. Having a balance in the business can make the business profitable and definitely more marketable. It can also improve staff engagement, connection with the client/customer, employee motivation and employee innovation.
Leaders in a business now, more than ever, need to recognise the talents and strengths of women and give them a place at the table. This will require a change in attitude for some men in corporate life, an allowance of new and different styles of leadership to move in – and often up.
Women, after all, represent over half of the global talent pool. It’s time to change the conversation and make sure enough women are being considered in the mix.
Get the girl power in your business today and see the difference.
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The founder and Managing Director of SiDCOR Chartered Accountants, has 21 years experience since starting as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1995. Paul started Newcastle-based SiDCOR in 2002. Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Newcastle and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Taxation Institute of Australia as well as the National Tax and Accountants Association.