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Paul Siderovski
SiDCOR Chartered Accountants
For some work is a job to pay the bills and fund a lifestyle, but for a select few work is life. It's passion, motivation and their way of leaving a well-earned mark on the world. But how do you turn a hunger for success into the real deal? Here are five tips from the founder of SiDCOR Chartered Accountants and Yogurtland.
1. Proximity is power. Model from the best in the world and learn from them.
2. Visualise your way to the top. This helps develop the right mindset to achieve your goals. Make a vision board with pictures of your goals on it so you can see what you want in life.
3. Love what you do. Find out what you love and you're good at, and give it everything you've got.
4. Plan for success. Planning upfront is critical or you're setting yourself up for failure.
5. Use your heart and soul. Be yourself, do what is right and fair and be honest with your clients and staff.
If you do all of the above and do it well, you're going to have a great ride.
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Paul Siderovski2 Paul Siderovski

The founder and Managing Director of SiDCOR Chartered Accountants, has 21 years experience since starting as a chartered accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1995. Paul started Newcastle-based SiDCOR in 2002. Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Newcastle and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Taxation Institute of Australia as well as the National Tax and Accountants Association.