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The Power of Online Video

Martin Adnum and Jamie Lewis
Out of the Square Media
We often hear from our customers that their customers “can’t quite get it until they actually see it”. Well, that’s why video content is so important in shifting potential customers to embrace your products and services.
One reason video is so increasingly popular comes down to our busy schedules – time! So much more information can be digested through a combination of visual and audio storytelling than simply text. Plus the recall of that information, when presented succinctly is much higher, with the retention rate for visual information reach 65% vs 10% for text-based information. (1)
The medium dictates the message
We strongly believe, and it works time and time again for our clients, that the medium dictates the message. To capitalise on the power of online video, avoid simply running your corporate video or television commercial, instead tailor a message that inspires customers to take action.
Your potential customer is right on the other side of the screen, so talk to them like you’re there with them. Viewing content on a mobile device is the most intimate of all mediums and it’s no wonder consumers who view video ads on a mobile device are three times as likely to click through. (2)
Less is more
Being succinct is an art form and we love seeing clients’ reactions when a video can portray a lifetime of success, innovation and achievement in 60 seconds, while instilling confidence in a potential customer. The power of video should portray the value of your products and services to show customers the difference your business offers
Here’s some statistics that we’ve seen with our own clients:
• Retailers finding 40% increases in purchases as a result of video. (3)
• Shoppers who view video are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers. (4)
Taking a leadership position with regular market updates and industry commentary can help instil confidence in consumers before they even make direct contact with you.
Be relevant
Video can play a fundamental role in helping your business with search optimisation. The title and description of your online video is just as important as your content. We work very closely with search data to determine names, descriptions and metadata for online videos.
An interesting fact is that merely having the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates 18.5%, click through rates by 64.8%, click to open rates by 39% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. (5)
That’s a powerful incentive to engage in video and engage existing and potential customers. We’ve seen it work constantly with our own e-newsletters. Viewing is pleasure, reading is a chore.
Just remember, be relevant, be true to your business and be engaging – it’s your chance to tell the world you exist!
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