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The Brand Pool creates immersive kid’s bush fire education experience for NSW Rural Fire Service

ProjectFirestorm 2

The NSW Rural Fire Service has launched Project Firestorm a new bush fire curriculum to be used in schools across the state to help kids build their knowledge and skills in bush fire resilience and survival plans.

Developed by the NSW Rural Fire Service in partnership with NSW Department of Education, Project Firestorm is a school program targeting kids in Years 5 & 6 studying geography where they learn about bush fire resilience.

“We know kids are learning, creating and innovating faster than ever before. From coding to programming robots, kids have massive ideas, so we wanted to empower them to make a real difference and maybe one day, help the NSW RFS to save lives” The Brand Pool head Lynn Poole says.

Inspired by superhero and gaming genres, Project Firestorm is a fully immersive online study experience, digitally rendered in hyper-realistic 3D developed in conjunction with Jumbla animation studios

Students are guided through 5 levels of learning and exploration, as they work together and with their teachers to develop innovative ideas, tools and inventions to help solve real-world issues.

Complete with engaging videos, interactive tools, activities, an in-depth teacher’s module with lesson plans and support materials, Project Firestorm is now fully accessible to every school across NSW.