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SMEs not capitalising on smart printing to reduce carbon footprint

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The pressure on businesses to go green is huge. While the majority of businesses are doing something to reduce their impact on the environment, new data
shows they are missing a cost effective solution.
According to Konica Minolta, although 99% of Australian SMEs have taken some steps to reduce their environmental footprint, one in three admit to unnecessary printing.
Eliminating unnecessary printing is a very easy way to save paper and money and has a big impact on businesses’ bottom lines as well as their carbon footprint.
However, investigation into office printing habits has shown that:
• We still print out 95% of our documents
• Paper comprises 70% of office waste with 10,000 A4 sheets used for every Australian worker each year (equal to 10 million trees)
• An average of 19 copies are made of each document filed
• 65% of printouts are binned within one day
• 33% of businesses admit to 20% unnecessary printing
With years of customer experience, Konica Minolta has discovered that by adopting MPS (print management system) organisations can save up to 30% of their print costs, by monitoring and then reducing unnecessary printing.
It advises businesses to combine the latest in printing technology with a review of print behaviour, demonstrating that the hardware and software now available makes it easy to reduce print waste. Get the essentials right
• Set double sided printing as default
• Select two-siding on multi-page documents whenever possible
• Employ the Print Preview function to ensure you only select the pages you need to be printed
Use the latest technology
• Use Follow-me printing to discourage users from printing documents and others picking them up
• Employ cost-tracking software and make costs public
• Scan hardcopies with MPFs to digitise paper file – we are more inclined to share digital files than distribute hardcopies
• MFDs can easily be set up to allow users to scanto- email or scan direct to their PC, reducing the need for printing
• The latest print management software provides an audit trail of all printing, copying and network scanning activity