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Pinpoint Computers growing cloud services

Pinpoint Computers has a long history installing and managing servers, network storage and computers as well as offering IT services but their fastest growing area is their cloud services division.
Being in operation for over five years with clients all over the Hunter, Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand, the Cloud Services and Solutions division has doubled its number of customers in the last six months.
Many new clients are tired of paying to replace servers and repair them. They are choosing to outsource to Pinpoint’s Cloud where their data is secure in a world class facility. They don’t have to worry about disaster recovery or backups as all of this is taken care of by a professional team.
When using this service, users typically log into servers over the internet that are housed in Pinpoint’s data centre. The servers do the processing work and store all of the data in the data centre. The data centre has extensive built in security and backup systems, including the servers themselves, power generators, memory, storage devices, Internet links etc. The service offers high availability with built in disaster recovery and lower expenses eliminating the need to purchase and maintain local servers.
The cloud service assists clients to control costs and allows access in or away from the office on any computer, iPad, phone or and internet device The data centre hosts applications like Microsoft Office, email, accounting systems, remote site backup and custom applications for businesses. Many businesses that were considering replacing their servers on site are now taking advantage of Pinpoint’s data centre.
Businesses can use any of these services or a mix of onsite and cloud, depending on their business needs. Customers simply connect to the cloud and use the available resources on a pay per use basis.