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NSW strengthens First Nations engagement for Renewable Energy Zones

Wind turbines

The NSW Government is paving the way for more meaningful engagement with Aboriginal communities in the Hunter-Central Coast and the South West Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) with the release of two new First Nations Guidelines (Guidelines).

These region-specific Guidelines were developed collaboratively with First Nations Working Groups.

They provide guidance for project proponents to consult and negotiate with Aboriginal communities on projects delivered under the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap (Roadmap) within their REZs.

The Roadmap is the State’s 20-year plan to transform the electricity system into one that is more affordable, clean and reliable.

Key features of the region-specific Guidelines include:

  • An outline of the local Aboriginal communities’ goals and aspirations for income and employment opportunities
  • Streamlined engagement processes for renewable energy developers seeking to consult with local Aboriginal communities
  • A requirement for project proponents to prepare an Industry and Aboriginal Participation Plan which documents the engagement approach and the agreed commitments with local Aboriginal stakeholders.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water will review the guidelines at least every 2 years to ensure their objectives and requirements are in line with community expectations and state priorities.

For more information and to view the Guidelines, including the Central-West Orana REZ First Nations Guidelines that were released last year, visit