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Nobbys Lighthouse Inclusion Project

Newcastle Now Business Improvement Association has successfully completed a $22,000 project to make the popular Nobbys Lighthouse site more inclusive and accessible for everyone.
“Newcastle Now BIA along with a number of other Newcastle applicants was successful in securing funding from Surf Lifesaving NSW for a Disability Inclusion Grant and we are pleased to announce that our project was completed four months ahead of schedule,” said project coordinator John Waring.
The grant money was used to firstly engage an accredited company, BCA Access Solutions, to undertake an access audit of the Nobbys Lighthouse site and prepare a report to offer recommendations for improving access for people with a disability on an interim basis. Additionally the report addressed the disability requirements that would be required for any future permanent site works.
Improvements include the installation of a portable accessible toilet and the installation of outdoor power outlets in suitable locations for the recharging of mobility chairs and scooters, and hand held communication devices. Internal power outlets in accessible locations have been replaced with USB port capability (in addition to power outlets) to enable charging of computers and hand held devices; and free WiFi is now available across site.
Temporary access ramps have been installed to enable wheelchair access to all site cottages that were formerly used by the Signal Master, employees and their families While the Nobbys Lighthouse inclusion project does not cover external approaches, such as the pedestrian approach to Nobbys Headland, Newcastle Now BIA has not dismissed future access for people with a disability.