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Newcastle security companies announce merger

Ben Dewson Managing director Holistic Industries 2
Two Newcastle security firms - Holistic Security and Balance Security Solutions Newcastle – have merged to form Holistic Industries. The merger also includes the acquisition of local Registered Training Organisation (RTO), 5th Level Training (5LT), which will now be known as Holistic Training.
The merger will provide Hunter businesses with a firstof- its-kind, comprehensive security offering, covering all facets of security, including patrol, electronic security, and security for crowd control, retail, construction, industrial and residential. Accredited training programmes for people looking to enter or advance their career in the security or hospitality industries will also be offered, with nationallyrecognised courses in First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) available.
The formation of Holistic Industries comes in the wake of the success of its predecessor, Holistic Security, which has become known among some of Newcastle’s largest entertainment venues as an industry leader and innovator. Holistic Security has enjoyed strong growth over recent years, credited by many local venues for reducing anti-social behaviour and violence. The company has grown to employ over 100 staff, and services some of the region’s most loved night spots, including the Cambridge Hotel, King Street Hotel, Queens Wharf Hotel and Wests City.
Managing Director of Holistic Security, Ben Dewson, says that the new organisation has been created in the wake of major developments in Newcastle’s security industry. Ben has been at the forefront of the aptly named “Newcastle Solution” – an approach to security which relies heavily on educating patrons and security guards and changing human behaviour, rather than simply reducing venue trading hours and limiting alcohol consumption.