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New workshops for women sole traders

Business Women
Women have needs in self-employed that differ to mens’, and to how business is run in the corporate world or other employment.
When becoming a sole-trader, many challenges arise that are often hard to predict or even understand, until they are happening. Selfemployment by definition engages the ‘self’, and so some self-reflection and knowledge go a long way to growing a successful, profitable, and long lasting business.
A series of empowering workshops will run in the Hunter Valley from September for women sole-traders. These unique workshops are the brainchild of women’s empowerment facilitator Shemiran Ibrahim, and local Hunter Valley Equine Assisted Learning facilitator Louisa Farthing from Unbridled Results.
Horses are partners in the learning as they respond to body language and emotions. They are experts at reading intention and respond instantly and honestly with their actions. No riding involved, all work done on the ground in a safe environment. In addition, workshops include a fun introduction to the healing dance of Middle Eastern women to embody deeper learning.