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New partnership to drive change for Lake Macquarie

Hunter Water and Lake Mac 1

Hunter Water and Lake Macquarie City Council have entered into a Partnership Agreement to improve the delivery of services for people in Lake Macquarie.

The signing of the agreement on March 9 marked the first step of a new integrated approach to doing business between the two organisations.

Hunter Water and Council will collaborate by sharing resources and information to ensure key infrastructure projects and services are delivered more efficiently.

Hunter Water Managing Director Jim Bentley said the partnership was a great opportunity to strengthen industry relationships and improve the experience for Hunter Water’s customers in Lake Macquarie.

“As an organisation we recognise we have more to gain by working together with other major service providers in our community. We’re proud to partner with Council on this new way of doing business and we’re committed to showing how collaboration and learning together can drive success.

“By sharing our vision and working together, we expect this will lead to more streamlined services for the benefit of the community.

“Signing this partnership agreement is the start of an even closer working relationship with Council and all of our partners across the region,” said Mr Bentley.

Lake Macquarie City Council CEO Morven Cameron said it highlights just how important it is for local government to collaborate with key industry partners for the benefit of the community and the region.

“Signing the agreement between Hunter Water and Council marks a turning point in ensuring that we not only have improved coordination when maintaining or upgrading infrastructure but also when delivering service improvements and efficiencies to the Lake Macquarie community.

“Both organisations are committed to working with the community to solve complex problems, and it is exciting to be able to share ideas and learn together about how collaboration can improve the services we offer to our local communities,” said Ms Cameron.