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Funding for leadership & management training

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Tony Chesher
Maddisson Employment & Training Group
The NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development has launched a program designed to give people training in Leadership & Management and is providing the funds to make it happen.
The funding provided for this training would cover the costs involved in staff receiving up to half of a full nationally recognised qualification. The Department hopes that this program might encourage people to gain the full qualification.
When businesses go through structural and market-driven change, staying alert to opportunities and knowing how to seize upon them might just mean the difference between growth and closing down.
The Department is targeting those industries that are undergoing economic structural change, needing to upskill workers to adapt to changing markets or to remain viable.
In addition, the Department is keen to support those industries that are emerging and where training supports industry expansion into new areas, creating new jobs.
Employers can now look to their own staff and offer them some professional development training that might assist them with the challenges of management positions. In turn, this helps the business become more efficient, resourceful and entrepreneurial.
And with the government paying for the training, it’s a great time to take advantage of this offer. Those businesses in the region who do take up on this offer will certainly have an advantage over those who don’t.
The training program has been developed by an industry association called Innovation and Business Skills Australia and has been endorsed by the Commonwealth government.
Identifying risk and applying risk management processes is the hallmark of Leadership & Management training and it allows businesses to be prepared for possibilities that may have an impact. Leadership & Management training can also show staff how to focus on the customer, co-ordinating service strategies so that the customer has the best possible experience with the business.
Another area that can be learned is how to reduce threats by knowing what the Workplace Health and Safety risks and requirements are, so that accidents and injuries are avoided, allowing productivity and moral to stay high.
Promoting innovation and working together as a team toward a common goal are key outcomes in Leadership & Management training.
Getting current and potential managers together from different departments to discuss freely how they can better work together to make the business more profitable has a wonderful energising effect. Ideas and solutions that are otherwise lost or not given attention, now come to the fore and provide the sparks required to create something good.
Training can be done at the worksite of the employer and can be done in full day sessions or over a period of months. An RTO who is contracted with the NSW government under the Smart & Skilled program will be able to give advice and should be able to facilitate the training.
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Tony Chesher Tony Chesher
is the CEO of Maddisson Employment & Training Group, a Registered Training Organisation that has been in operation since 2003. Tony has worked with businesses as small as Sushi World in Marketown and Accommodation Booking businesses in the Hunter Valley through to large companies such as CommInsure, Toll Holdings, and Elgas in Sydney.