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2016 Hunter Manufacturing Awards

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With a theme of Past, Present and Future, the 2016 Hunter Manufacturing Awards showcased the region’s manufacturing sector with images from the past and present as well as the opportunity to have some fun with some futuristic ideas and products.
The prestigious Hunter Manufacturing Awards, held on 21 October at Wests City was HMA’s 12th year of promoting and profiling the region’s manufacturing sector. With an audience of 500 guests, it was a fantastic opportunity for all in attendance to experience the journey of manufacturers from the past to where they have arrived at in the present day.
HMA Chairman, Bob Cowan congratulated all the manufacturers and praised them for their on-going dedication, tenacity and ability to adapt in a changing sector.
He updated the guests on HMA’s on-going support to the manufacturing sector and described some of the initiatives that HMA and its Partners had embarked upon during the last 12 months further assisting the showcasing of the Region’s manufacturers.
With the assistance of NSW Department of Industry, through the Office of Regional Development, a Virtual Reality Expo (VRE) "plug-in" has been added to the HMA website. Hunter based manufacturers can upload their company details and corporate video onto the site.
At the 2015 Hunter Manufacturing Awards’ event, HMA launched a joint campaign with its Television Advertising Partner, NBN Television.
The campaign is gathering momentum and is called ‘WORLD CLASS, MADE HERE’ (WCMH). This initiative recognises the enormous and essential role manufacturing plays within our community, to our region and beyond. A highly incentivised package has been created for manufacturers to take up the opportunity to be part of the campaign.
HMA’s Travel Partner of 9 years, helloworld – Hunter Travel Group, has launched their new Airfare Advantage Program.
This new program offers an exclusive airfare discount specifically for companies on the HMA database giving them the opportunity to have immediate savings of up to 36%. Enquires related to all of the above initiatives can be directed to
The Board of HMA continues to utilise some funds toward a scholarship for potential or existing TAFE students who are planning or are currently undertaking a course which is directly related to the manufacturing industry.
The scholarships are open to any student who is undertaking a course directly related to manufacturing, is committed to a career in the manufacturing industry, shows a passion for engineering and manufacturing.
The value of the scholarship is $5,000 per year to be distributed to up to five students. The scholarship is for 1 year only, but recipients are eligible to receive scholarships in consecutive years, subject to continuing to meet selection criteria.