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Tips for better sales conversions

Garret Norris
Healthy Business Builder Group Pty Ltd
Increasing sales levels can be tricky. It could mean having to help your sales team develop skills that they do not naturally excel in. If you are wondering how to increase sales conversions, then here are a few tips to help you improve.
Connect emotionally
Most people make decisions based on emotions and this aspect should be well understood by sales people. If you want to increase sales conversions, your team needs to appeal to the emotional side of potential customers. This means that the sales people should make sure that they help potential customers to make a connection that is not vague, but concrete with the product or service being offered. By emphasising the customer's pain points and needs, the sales person can appeal to the customer's emotional side.
Increase perceived value
Most people will only purchase something if they can see the benefits or value that the purchase will have for them. Therefore, if sales people want to close more sales, they need to increase the perceived value of the product or service that they are selling in the eyes of the potential customer. A few ways to increase perceived value include adding on bonuses or free extras, updating the product or service, making a comparison between the item for sale and comparable alternatives on the market, and clearly articulating the benefits that the buyer will receive from the purchase.
Stop selling products and services and sell a solution
Buyers are not interested in buying a product or service. What the buyer is interested in is finding a solution to a problem. This means that the sales person should focus on the issues that are of greatest concern to the customer and relay how the purchase will alleviate these issues for him or her.
Believe in what you sell
Many times sales people have trouble closing the deal because the customer can see that they are not enthusiastic about what they are selling. Sales people have to believe that their product or service is truly the answer to the customers problems. In order to improve sales, sales managers should work with sales people to help them improve their deliveries when it comes to the sales messages. This will help sales people to better appeal to customers and close more deals.
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Garret Norris Garret Norris
is Founder and Principal of Healthy Business Builder. He had broad senior management experience across a range of businesses both in Australia and in the UK. He established Healthy Business Builder in 2011 and heads a talented group of consultants with expertise in a broad range of management skills.