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Tin Man gets a heart

Tin Man UON
Researchers at the University of Newcastle have answered Tin Man’s plea for a heart with the invention of technology aimed at enabling robots to feel emotion in a near human-like manner.
A major advancement in companion robot technology, it helps a robot to connect with a human user based on shared emotional experiences.
“The impact of environmental sensory stimuli, such as sight, sound, smell, and touch, are known to have an effect on the emotions and behaviour of people. In order for a robot to relate to humans, it must first be able to visualise and feel through the same modes of perception,” said project leader Aaron Wong.
Companion robot technology is one of several robot technologies under development at the University of Newcastle.
Combining disciplines such as mathematics, control engineering, mechatronics, computer science, software engineering, nursing and architecture, the research group collaborates with industry to deliver cutting-edge technologies. Project leader Associate Professor Stephan Chalup said “Through our NUbots project we are able to develop and test cutting edge technology for wider application such as in Defence, Healthcare, Aged care and home automation.”