Think HBR

Supporting services

Depending upon the nature of your business function, you are likely to require supporting services of some form. Even if you feel confident of managing the entire event by yourself, it is prudent to at least investigate what services are available.
Event organisers are highly recommended for medium to large functions, particularly if your own organisation does not possess the sufficient skills, experience or available time. They also have regular contacts that they can call on to help in a wide range of different aspect of the function.
Other services that you may need to consider include caterers, security, entertainment, travel, storage & transport, printers, stand builders (for expos) and much more.
The real key is to make sure that you organise as many of these early in the planning process to ensure you are not making last minute decisions when you are likely to be snowed under with other aspects of organising. They may also have recommendations and advice that will make your planning easier and the event more successful.
The Hunter is fortunate to have a wide array of these services available, any of which would be happy to attend to your queries.