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Polymer-based dust suppressant

Australian dust suppression and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has secured a number of contracts globally, including in Hunter region, after the release of its latest polymer-based dust suppressant Avenger Coal.
Following extensive and successful trials, the company is supplying its new polymer-based product to the Hunter Valley, where RST will treat major haul roads across a number of mine sites as part of its Avenger Haul Road Management Program.
Avenger Coal is just one of RST’s new micro polymer products, where the company combined Polymer Surfactant Technology (PST) with its latest micro emulsion technology to create a super-concentrated, yet highly-advanced polymer solution.
A by-product of this technology, Avenger Coal was specifically developed as a liquid additive for the mitigation and management of dust emissions generated through surface mining, in particular haulage operations.
Operations and Technical Director David Handel said RST was also in the process of running extensive trials with additional sites in the region, who are interested in utilising the new product suite.
Mr Handel said Avenger Coal is highly competitive against other dust suppressants on the market – having the potential to be up to 10 times stronger with the added advantage of delivering instant and optimum results.