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New technology replaces traditional recruitment methods

New innovative video technology has been used to conduct interviews by Hunter based recruitment firm, Forsythes Recruitment. The company trialled a US developed, secure, cloud-based system that allows it to simultaneously send an introductory video about a position to screen multiple candidates. Candidates submit the answers to the questions by return, non-live video in their own time.
Office support and contact centre recruitment manager Brigette Landy has led the introduction of the technology project and believes Forsythes Recruitment is the first recruiter locally to use such technology. She says the technology is incredibly efficient, and enables a recruiter to generate a larger pool of quality candidates more quickly. She also said the virtual interview offers candidates a chance to shine beyond their resume in the initial stages of applying for a job, however it won’t replace face to face interviews, particularly during the closing stages of recruitment.
For recruiters it reduces travel costs and time and for both recruiters and employers it gives greater insight into a candidate than traditional phone or paper screening. Forsythes Recruitment has successfully used the system across large and small businesses. It has helped nib health funds recruit 19 people for permanent call centre positions from more than 650 applicants with 432 virtual interviews completed. It was able to recruit 27 people for TAFE in just two weeks.