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Managing Mayhem

Cristen Cable
KIS Marketing
Many women find themselves at one time or other trying to be superwoman, after all you have to be if you are going to have a career and raise a family at the same time – right?
The problem with being superwoman, is that it’s not sustainable.
However, if you follow a few basic principles it is possible to manage mayhem. How do I know? Say hello to my family:
My husband and I have been married 13 years. We have four beautiful children that are lively, and spirited.
Our oldest Kayden is 11, Lucius is 9, Marcello is 2 and our little girl Priseis is just 2 months old. She comes into the office with mummy every week… a business woman in the making.
Say hello to my business - KIS Marketing (aka baby #5): Kis Marketing is a boutique marketing firm, we have an office in East Maitland and a second office will open in Newcastle next year. The success of the business has been beyond expectation. Since opening in 2012, we have become an award winning agency and have experienced growth of 500%.
Needless to say the combination of all of the above sometimes equals mayhem, and this has needed some managing. Here are some tips that I find help:
1. Accept you cannot be superwoman.
2. Be organised. If you don’t have a diary and use it things will fall through the cracks. Everything should be in there from business meetings to the kids out of uniform day.
3. Learn to delegate – Surround yourself by great people at work and have systems and processes in place.
4. Get help – It may be a cleaner, nanny, gardener or Au Pair but get help.
5. Use technology to your advantage – Having your emails on your tablet or mobile can be great. You can get work done while the kids are in swimming lessons and they won’t even notice.
6. Exercise – Don’t say I don’t have time! Download an app called Tabata. It takes 4 mins at home and will get the endorphins pumping.
7. Accept that almost perfect is good enough
8. Don’t sweat the small stuff
9. Don’t bring work home – Sometimes it is inevitable but try.
10. Be present in the moment – When you are spending quality time with the family be present in the moment. No phone, no work talk, no distractions. For now you are just Mum.
11. Multi task – You need to learn this skill to survive.
12. Say goodbye to time wasters – If people are dragging you down and wasting your time get some happier, healthier more positive friends.
13. Have a takeaway night – At least once a week. Get takeaway or accept that eggs on toast will do just fine.
14. Laugh at yourself - When we are tired we sometimes make mistakes. Learn to laugh at yourself and then tell yourself you are wonderful and move on.
15. And the most important rule of all, don’t let guilt win. You are teaching your children to have a good work ethic by example. They will also learn to turn on the dishwasher and maybe even how to cook a meal or two. Guilt about being a working mother will only stop you from enjoying the precious moments with the kids and will stop you from being successful and productive at work.
Cristen Kis Marketing Cristen Cable

Cristen Cable is passionate about the power of marketing she has a Masters Degree in Marketing, Management Diploma in Marketing, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and international media qualifications through City & Guilds, London. Cristen is a member of the Maitland Business Chamber executive team and a recognised Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute.