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Key emergency manual released

Mines Book
Mines Rescue has released an updated manual on ‘Mines Rescue, Gas Detection and Emergency Preparedness’. The manual expands on the 1998 publication ‘A manual on Mines Rescue, Safety and Gas Detection’.
‘Mines Rescue, Gas Detection and Emergency Preparedness’ is now the most comprehensive mine emergency manual available internationally. The manual covers subjects including mining emergency management, rescue equipment, firefighting, gases, gas detection, gas analysis and interpretation, self-escape, aided escape and rescue systems, spontaneous combustion, explosions, outbursts, the effect of heat and humidity on rescuers and inertisation and sealing.
The manual will serve as a key reference material for both the mining industry at an operational level and also for academics at a theoretical level. It will primarily be used by Mines Rescue Brigadesmen, those with duties in emergency management and mining students. It will serve as a key reference document for mine planners, safety officers, ventilation officers, deputies, undermanagers and managers.
The manual may also assist in driving an understanding of mine safety and capabilities across other emergency response functions.
Orders for the book can be placed via the Mines Rescue website Publication of the book has been funded by the Coal Services Health & Safety Trust.