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HMA Board Award

HMA Boasrd Award Portable Safety Cams
The HMA Board Award was presented to Portable Safety Cam. Portable Safety Cam has developed a wireless safety camera system based on its existing wired version. In addition to going wireless, PSC were able to redesign and manufacture critical components to reduce unit cost.
Their surveillance system is proving to be a great relief for workers that have to work in confined spaces and often on dangerous tasks.
The Workplace Health and Safety benefits are immediately obvious of an increased level of safety. The flexibility, robustness and ease of setup of the monitoring system are just a few of the impressive aspects of the system.
The company has built an enviable reputation with the application of research and development in this space.
The improvements to the existing well hard-wired system has generated considerable interest from varying markets where the application of wireless technology is growing and through these improvements has opened new opportunities for PSC.
PSC is a shining example of a manufacturing company that epitomises the calibre of manufacturing right here in our region in very difficult times.