Think HBR


OEM Banlaw have made their name from their highperformance dry-break refuelling and hydraulics products. Over the last 15 years the Banlaw portfolio has expanded into software, hardware and consultancy offerings to truly deliver ‘Unified Fuel Management'.
Their latest patent pending product FillSafe Zero is a hydraulic overfill protection system designed for railway locomotive diesel tanks and small capacity stationary diesel tanks (less than about 20,000 litres). The new product measures tank ullage and shuts off the flow of fuel without any pressure building up in the tank, thus avoiding pressure damage to expensive diesel tanks and the risk of related accidents. FillSafe Zero is proving popular as a costeffective solution, delivering consistent and accurate refuelling up to 1000 LPM.
Another recent invention from Banlaw is their patented Ultra Fine Filtered Vent (UFFV). This allows air to flow freely out of diesel tanks to enable high speed refuelling. Polluting particles greater than 3 micron in size cannot enter the tank. The UFFV has already seen sales spanning the Pacific, Americas, and Europe due to its ability to extend the life of engine components in critical machines.
Banlaw design and manufacture all fuel management software and products at their Gateshead factory. They actively source the best local talent, collaborate with local suppliers, and run apprenticeships to develop local skills for the future.