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Don’t sit down until the pain goes

Back pain
If you have concerns about your posture, or are experiencing back pain, neck pain or headaches, you are not alone. The culprit could be the chair you are sitting on as you read this.
We all spend a lot of time sitting, whether it is at a desk, in a car, or in front of a screen, and research indicates extended periods of sitting can have harmful effects on our wellbeing. Director of Healing Wave Chiropractic, Daniel Smith, says our bodies are not designed to sit for prolonged periods.
“This type of repetitive action places a lot of strain on the spine and the nervous system it supports,” Mr Smith says. “Aside from daily discomfort such as back pain, nerve pain and headaches, people should be aware that excessive sitting could be causing significant long-term damage to the spine and nervous system. This may contribute to other health problems as we age.”
Healing Wave’s team of chiropractors works with thousands of people across Newcastle and the Hunter, addressing the impact of prolonged sitting and poor posture.
“Our focus is to increase understanding of the spine,” Mr Smith says. “We can also help people improve habits at home and at work while providing some procedures that can mitigate effects.
We also work with individuals to address the short and long-term impacts of sitting and help prevent further deterioration of spinal function.”
Solutions can include altering workstation configurations to improve posture, or adding low-impact exercises or other movement to daily routines. Consulting a chiropractor for professional advice on maintaining optimal spinal health is a sound option, and Healing Wave provides flexible appointment times to suit your busy lifestyle.
As a society, Australians are becoming more sedentary, and Healing Wave encourages us to think about the effects on our bodies. In fact, one in six Australians* are experiencing pain and discomfort associated with the lower back, neck and shoulders.
This represents 16% of the total population.
* 1 in 6 Australian have chronic back pain (AIHW)