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Denton offering thermal arc spraying

Denton Engineering
Denton Engineering & Hydraulics has diversified into Thermal Arc Spraying, a service that is widely used to repair wear areas, provide corrosion protection and improve the wear resistance or thermal conductivity.
The technology provides a number of advantages including:
• coatings can be applied quickly and at low cost
• sprayed metal is usually harder than the same metal in wrought form
• the surface being sprayed remains cool so there is no risk of heat distortion or metallurgical degradation
• metal spraying is an ideal steel application in industrial, rural/agricultural and marine or coastal environments
The company has employed a Thermal Arc Spray specialist who has been working specifically the technology for the past 6 years as well as having an Engineering trade. Their workshop has dedicated thermal arc spray and bead blast rooms com-plete with ventilation and custom made anti-pollution equip-ment.
They also have fully equipped machine and boiler-making workshops making Denton Engineering & Hydraulics a one-stop engineering facility. The machine shop can turn up to 1350 mm diameter and 5 m long and provides boring to 10 tonne.
They pride themselves on a quick turnaround period and offer a 24 hour breakdown service.