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Coffey to oversee construction of new defence facilities

Coffey will manage the construction phase of the New Air Combat Capability Facilities Project at RAAF Base Williamtown.
The Department of Defence project will see an estimated $950 million invested in the Hunter region.
It will deliver airfield infrastructure and operations, administration and training facilities to support the Australian Government’s purchase of 72 F-35A aircraft.
Coffey is the project manager and contract administrator for the works at Williamtown, as well as at nine other bases around the country.
Newcastle Manager Project Management Paul Muir said the project would see a major investment in the region and would be a catalyst to future growth, as well as a strong opportunity for local businesses and workers.
“Our team will bring a strong knowledge of the client’s business, as well as extensive experience working on heavy infrastructure and building works,” he said.
“Our knowledge of the Hunter region, built over the last 15 years, will provide excellent value to the Department of Defence.
“This project will support the RAAF’s capability in the region for decades to come.”
We’ve been involved with the project since 2009 through the design development and government approvals phases.
Our engagement for the construction phase of the project reflects strong performance during the planning stages and our ability to work collaboratively with both Defence and the Managing Contractor to achieve the project objectives.
Coffey was instrumental in leading the managing contractor and their team to plan and design the project, and working with Defence to achieve the key government approvals, in particular, Parliamentary approval, which was achieved in October 2014.
Construction is now underway.