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Young & Professional Engineer of the Year

The Young Professional Engineer of the Year Award aims to acknowledge and reward young professional engineers who have reached a high level of achievement and involvement in engineering and the community. The award is presented annually to a member of Engineers Australia, who is a practising engineer under the age of 35 years. 
Candidates are judged on:
• Contribution to the well-being of people and communities
• Resourcefulness in the planning and solution of design problems
• Pioneering in the use of materials and methods
• Use of sustainable engineering practices
• and Innovative design, construction and aesthetic values
This year’s winner of the Newcastle Division 2015 Young Professional Engineer of the Year: Tim Walton from Lindsay Dynan.
Tim’s strong analytical background, coupled with his passion for the design and implementation of water cycle management systems, has seen him acquire the skills and multi-disciplinary approach required of civil engineers in today’s environmentally focused development industry. His
broad experience in commercial, residential and industrial projects has seen him develop a variety of successful initiatives that have required the integration of urban hydrology, land use planning and life-cycle economics.
Tim prides himself on delivering design solutions that are cost effective, efficient and sustainable. He endeavours to ensure that what he is designing now will not adversely affect future generations, enhancing Lindsay Dynan’s position as a leading consulting engineering firm within the sustainability industry.
The winner of the Newcastle Division 2015 Professional Engineer of the Year: Neil Petherbridge from Northrop. Neil is the Northern NSW/QLD Regional Manager and a Director of Northrop Consulting Engineers. Neil joined Northrop prior to graduating from the University of Newcastle 1990. He opened the Newcastle Northropoffice in 1992, which has grown to over 50 staff today. Passionate about the future of our industry, Neil has provided countless hours of volunteer work with EA, the UoN and Property Council.
Neil is well respected for his expertise in the field of mine subsidence, evidenced by the fact that Neil is the only nongovernment representative on the NSW Premiers and Cabinet Working Party looking at Newcastle mine subsidence.