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Work, life balance. Really?

Belinda Bow
Green Chilli Marketing
There is so much talk about work, life balance. But think about this: work is a part of your life. It’s not something unto itself.
I have so many hats it’s nuts – wife, mother, marketer, business woman, nurse, counsellor , mediator… and the list goes on.
My point? Why do we balance work with the rest of our life? Why can’t work be a spoke in our wheel of life?
We place so much emphasis on what we do. Seriously, we do. What is the first thing that you ask people when you meet them. “Hey, I’m Belinda, pleased to meet you. So what do you do?”
Why is it that work can define us in such a strong way?
The really interesting thing to note here is that when you pass away and everyone comes together to mourn your passing and to celebrate your life, they don’t talk that much about your work.
They talk about the kind mother you were, the good friend, the sweet wife, all the good stuff.
But right now. In this moment that just is, we focus on just that. Work.
Here is a challenge. Are you ready for it? When someone asks you what you do, tell them an honest answer.
Not what your business role is… but what you actually do.  Think about it. What do you do?
Here’s what I came up with:
I love, care and adore for two gorgeous kids. I cherish my husband and my life. I enjoy eating incredible food with the perfect wine. I pick up after everyone in our home. I sometimes forget things. I love love. And I genuinely love what I do for a living, being a marketer.
It’s time to put work in perspective. Let’s put work back into our wheel of life.
And even though it’s a morbid thought, think about what others would say about you at your funeral. Are you authentic? Are you loving? Are you kind?
Be that person.
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belinda Belinda Bow

I am excited about life and I adore my family. I know that work life balance is a load of hoo-haa. Life ebbs and flows, and that's cool because we need to have the downs to appreciate the ups. I am the founder of Green Chilli Marketing and I love all things marketing and thrive on seeing a business flourish. PS: I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.