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Three common pains and their simple solutions

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Lower back extension to reduce lower back pain
Jason Bradley
Body Worx Physio
Pain and injury can limit our ability to keep fit as well as impact on our home and work life. Here are three common problems we see patients for and some simple tricks you can use to help resolve your pain.
1. Neck pain and headaches: often related to the strain placed on muscles and joints of the upper neck from poor posture. Solution: sitting tall in a supportive chair practice gentle tucking your chin back creating a double chin. This helps strengthen the ‘core’ muscle of the neck.
2. Low back pain: affects 80% of people at some point in their life. Often related to strain from sitting and a lack of movement. Solution: Lying on your tummy, use your arms to raise your upper body off the floor leaving your hips in contact, hold 1 second then relax. Repeat ten times. For a free copy of ’10 tips to beat back pain’ visit our website.
3. Shin splints/calf pain: tight calves from training or constant wearing of heels commonly leads to shin, calf and achilles tendon problems. Stretch out the calves by placing your hands against the wall and lunging one foot back keeping that leg straight. Hold 30 seconds and repeat 3 times each leg.
Still having problems? Its best to get your problem checked by your local physio as early treatment generally means a quicker recovery.
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