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The science of powerful marketing

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Heidi Alexandra Pollard
UQ Power
Have you ever felt instantly compelled to buy something after seeing a powerful marketing message?
There is a science behind creating marketing campaigns that cause people to pull out their credit cards. Humans are hardwired to make immediate judgements about others, without even having to speak to the person. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we process visual cues such as body language and appearance to determine if the person is “friend or foe”.
First impressions count. The human brain makes quick decisions and takes action based on its ability to assess and interpret images, not data. About 80–90% of activity in the decision making centre of your brain is based on visual stimuli. Your marketing message must grab your audience in the first 1-2 seconds.
Here are some ways you can achieve this:
Use powerful imagery.
Research has revealed that using imagery makes messages more believable. When a written message is coupled with imagery, we are more likely to believe in what is being said. Most people must “see it to believe it”.
What makes an image powerful? The answer to that depends on what your customer believes and values. Your imagery should reflect the benefits people will get from using your brand or it should focus on the solution that your product or service solves. Images that connect with your audience on an emotional level will have them knocking at your door.
Paint pictures with words.
Never underestimate the power of words. When you read, your brain interprets the words and turns them into visual images to help you understand the information. When your marketing messages contain words and sentences that describe sensory information such as what things look and feel like, you’ve got better chances of creating greater clarity, desire, and impact within the minds of your customers.
Power up your marketing.
Do a quick audit of your marketing materials. Just spend a minute or two scanning a range of your materials, just like how a customer would “skim” over your marketing, and SEE if they are powerful and visual.
What story does your marketing imagery tell?
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Heidi Alexandra Pollard is CEO of UQ Power.

She and her team help ambitious companies to power up their people and brand by defining what makes them unique – their UQ factor.