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The NBN & SMEs

Brandon Vidler
Telstra Business Centre
No, not the TV station, the new broadband network that is currently under construction across Australia.
The NBN is the new fibre based communications network currently being rolled out across Australia. The NBN will replace the existing infrastructure and give Australian homes and businesses superfast internet and phone access. It will be one of the nation's biggest infrastructure projects, an ever expanding digital backbone that will support Australia's communications networks.
Every Australian home and business will need to connect to the NBN at some point if they wish to have phone or internet access.
Speed transforms business operations, think of global shipping before cargo planes or simply commuting before trains. Faster is better. It revolutionises.
Faster connections open up a world of communication that was not possible before: Video conferencing and conducting face to face international business in real time, cloud based services that give cost-effective options for software needs, broadband based telephony, these, plus a whole lot more innovative ideas can be implemented when the speed is fast.
You can get more done. Even with today's speeds, productivity can be hindered by the time it takes to upload attachments to an email or share a large document to either internal or external recipients. Those seconds and minutes (and occasionally longer) add up. You and your staff will spend more time doing, and less time waiting.
The impact on business productivity and the bottom line is becoming more obvious.
Do things differently. The NBN also presents the opportunity for traditional brick and mortar companies to diversify with an online presence. Retailers can now consider adding an online component to their business. There is a wealth of data available to support the fact that companies without an online strategy are being left behind.
The bottom line is if your competitor is able to achieve the same productivity in half the time, any other advantages you may have will start to erode away. If time is money, then high speed internet is going to mean a lot of business for those ready to exploit the benefits.
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Brandon.Vidler Brandon Vidler
is the Area Sales Manager for Telstra Business Centres Newcastle, Hunter & the Central Coast.
He has a passion for all things Telecommunications and has extensive experience in ensuring that local businesses are maximising their use of Telco products.