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PLEXSYS establishes Asia Pacific office at WAC

PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc., a global simulation company specialising in modelling and simulation systems and support services for 21st Century air, land, and sea synthetic training, has established its first facility in the Asia Pacific region at the Williamtown Aerospace Centre (WAC) – Technology Place.
PLEXSYS provides modelling and simulation technologies, as well as synthetic training solutions for the C4ISR and fighter/ bomber Air, Ground, and Surface communities. Concentrations include system integration, and the development of HLA/ DIS compliant 21st century LVC environment generation technologies used extensively in distributed training venues and high fidelity simulations. PLEXSYS provides superior mission brief/debrief technologies, as well as synthetic communications training solutions. PLEXSYS is an original partner in the USAF Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) program, and is internationally known for its long-haul networked training international business partner to the Commonwealth and other defence focused companies, PLEXSYS brings leading edge modelling and simulation technologies to fulfil current and future joint force Live/Virtual/Constructive (LVC) training needs.
In the coming months they anticipate they will be demonstrating the unique capabilities of their Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT), operating in both the constructive and Virtual environment; with the addition of a F-18 Part Task Trainer in mid to late 2016, they will be able demonstrate the capability to immerse operators in the ASCOT simulation whilst they ‘fly’ is Part Task Trainer in the virtual world.
Plexsys are also looking to showcase their Emergency Response/Disaster Relief Tool, ‘On Scene Commander’, which will present Emergency Managers with mission relevant actionable information.
WAC Director, James Garvey commented, “We are pleased to welcome Plexsys who have chosen Technology Place at the Williamtown Aerospace Centre as their first office in the Asia Pacific region. We have worked closely with their team locally and in the USA to establish in Australia. The Williamtown Aerospace Centre is proving its ability to now incubate companies from one man organisations to growing Australian based entities employing local staff as well as sourcing and relocating staff from across Australia to our region.
“WAC is New South Wales’ leading Defence Technology based employment cluster, and Plexsys has chosen to join our growing list of companies establishing integral operations at Technology Place.”