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New shiploaders arrive at Port Waratah

On 24 July two new shiploaders arrived in the Port of Newcastle on the big lift vessel, the Happy Buccaneer bound for Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal.
After loading more than 300 million tonnes of coal over the past 40 years, the hard working shiploaders at Port Waratah Coal Services’ Carrington Terminal are being replaced. The two new machines are an investment in the reliability, safety and performance of Port Waratah’s Carrington Terminal.
“It’s been great to witness so many people out and about on the harbour viewing the arrival of the new shiploaders” said Terry
Tynan, General Manager of Development for Port Waratah.
“We have filmed the arrival to capture the moment and share with the community. You can find the video on our website and social media.” said Mr Tynan.
“Now that they have arrived we move to the next phase of the project, lifting the new shiploaders onto the wharf for commissioning and integration into the operations. We expect to resume normal operations at Carrington by the end of the year.”