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Meet the sisters doing it for themselves

Sisters doing it for themselves 2
Megan Hinchley, Julie New and Laura Jones, 34, have more in common than just being sisters. They are identical triplet sisters, who independently have started their ownsuccessful businesses.
Seven years ago, after working in the field of social marketing and public health, Megan’s passion for health led her to undertake a complete career change and became a personal trainer. Since then she has built her self a successful personal training business, Thrive Personal Training, in Canberra and has become an international level powerlifter, with this year competing at the World Championships.
Julie’s career took a change after the birth of her son. Being a single parent, she decided to make the move from Sydney, from her career in financial services, to Newcastle, and start her own online retail store, Be Activewear, specialising in affordable, fashionable activewear and compression clothing for women.
Laura, a high-school chemistry teacher, found a new passion in sewing, whilst being a stay-at-home mum after having her two children. This passion led to a starting a boutique children’s handmade clothing label, Pigtails and Pirates, which has blossomed into 1950’s inspired women’s wear.
The three sisters all took the chance on career changes, to follow their passions and at the same time, give themselves the freedom to have positive work/life balances. All three of them are very driven and share a passion for small business.
Three words, the sisters use to describe themselves, show their common roots: Megan – energetic, passionate, driven Julie – ambitious, energetic, approachable Laura – passionate, individual, driven.