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Lynne Hopson
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Search engines such as Google have become a large part of all our lives. Each and every day we rely more and more on finding information, products and services via search, increasingly with Google. More searches are made every day on Google globally than other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.
According to Net Market Share (as of April 2017), 77% of all searches are performed on the Google search engine. This represents over 4.5 billion searches per day!
With statistics like this, Google has become an important media channel in my marketing toolbox.
Advertising on Google is really no different to advertising on television, radio, press or print. It can directly communicate with a person in the moment they are searching for your products or services! And… advertising via Google is completely measurable.
Many clients say to me they are cautious to advertise on Google as they think Google “will take all my money”. This is just so not true. All advertising spend on search engines can be capped and monitored in real time so when set up correctly, your campaigns can never suffer from budget blowout.
More important is the broad range of targeting options available to your business - geographic, demographic, interest based, device based, mobile only, how many times a person may have viewed your video, what page they last visited on your website plus more. Advertising options offered on the Google network are comprehensive too. Search & display campaigns, shopping, video, mobile & call only campaigns are all in the toolkit.
Here are my top reasons for using Google Adwords:
1. Obtain new customers
2. Drive highly targeted leads to your website
3. Cost-effective
4. Measurable & quantifiable, easy to determine ROI
5. Optimisable for specific on site actions or conversions
6. Majority of online users are using Google search
7. Your competition may be using it – so don’t lose valuable leads
8. Great for young websites or businesses needing to generate immediate sales or enquiry
Want some real life examples of how Google Adwords has impacted 2 of my clients?
Client No. 1 had a unique consumer product and was just starting out. Upon commencement of an Adwords campaign, sales skyrocketed in the first month and the business generated a 500% return on Google investment in its first year! Today the products are only promoted via the Google network – it has proven to be the most effective channel.
Client No. 2 was a new service business in the cosmetic industry. The launch of a new website in combination with Adwords had leads and enquiries delivered to the client within 1 day of the campaign launch. Advertising on the Google network literally kickstarted the business.
If you are thinking about how advertising on the Google network can assist your business, the many options can appear overwhelming. Contact a Google Specialist to help align a Google strategy to your business objectives.
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Lynne Hopson Lynn Hopson

has 20+years industry experience, holds a Masters degree in Marketing, and is a Certified Practicing Marketer, a Google Certified Individual and a Google Partner. She manages Hive Marketing & Design and is passionate about anything marketing related, assisting businesses thrive and her home town, Newcastle.