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Is a Cloud Hosted Server the right solution for your business?

Adam Bird
OAS Technology group
Have you been considering a move to the cloud? It can certainly supply advantages to your business such as greater security, scalability and access to your data at any time, from anywhere. Here are 5 things to consider when moving to a cloud provider.
• Communications – Cloud computing is where we are all heading. This new environment requires greater reliability and speed than many businesses currently see from their internet provider.
It is important to have comprehensive professional support from a provider who takes into account your internet connection. You may consider investing in more reliable and faster internet services.
• Infrastructure – No more capital expenditure every 3 years.
No more being told you are running out of storage space, or that your system is slowing down. You simply rent the amount of space you require, for as long as you require. If you need more space, you purchase more. A good Cloud provider should have ample capacity, on equipment of a higher grade then most businesses would have themselves.
• Software Licencing – Software vendors are driving businesses to a monthly subscription model, whether they use the Cloud or not. A great benefit of this system is that programs automatically have access to the latest version. No more being 1 or 2 versions behind. It is necessary to have the right number of licenses for every product and every user.
• Disaster Recovery – Many businesses still swap a tape or hard drive every day, which is taken offsite by a staff member. A Cloud Service provider makes this unnecessary and should have more than one data centre to ensure if disaster strikes, impact to your business is minimal.
• Data Sovereignty – You need to understand any compliance requirements in your industry relating to where your data is located. For example, some businesses must ensure their data remains in Australia. Your Cloud provider must ensure that if your data is in their system, that it meets these requirements.
The Cloud has the capabilities to provide great benefits to your business. Though even if all the criteria listed above is met, having an onsite server may still be the option that best suits your business needs. As with all technology solutions, they should be tailored to suit your individual requirements, to ensure that whatever decision you make will ultimately provide the best value to your business.
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is the Business Development Manager at OAS Technology Group, a locally owned business that provides computer networks and cloud solutions to small and medium businesses in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and on the Central Coast. With over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, Adam enjoys helping businesses discover efficiency gains through the use of technology and possesses his Masters of Business Administration through Southern Cross University.