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How is your New Year resolution going?

It is New Year's Day. It is a punlic holiday amd you have a rare opportunity to relax. Your thoughts wander to the coming year. A new year, a new beginning and you make some well-meaning resolutions for 2014. But how are those resolutions goings now it is February? Not so good.
Does this sound familiar? If so, you are certainly in good company.
Research by the University of Scranton in the USA into New Year resolutions has brought up some very interesting findings. Although this is not a local study, I would suggest that the figures in Australia would be quite similar.
In this study only around 38% never made New Year resolutions. The most popular resolution was to lose weight. Other health related resolutions, such as staying fit & healthy and quitting smoking, also appeared prominently in the top ten.
But the figure that really stands out is that only around 8% are successful in their resolutions.
Whilst the resolutions are usually made in good faith, particularly those not done when heavily affected by alcohol, the challenge is to not lose them in the noise of everyday life and have the willpower to see them through.
The good news for health-related resolutions is that it is never too late to start and even moderate changes can produce significant improvements to your wellbeing.
If like most of us you find it difficult to make drastic changes to your lifestyle, then take it step by step.
When considering your diet, consider having slightly smaller servings and try to replace some of the unhealthier foods with other options. You can still have some of the unhealthier foods, just make it less often.
Likewise with exercise, even relatively small changes can produce positive results. Perhaps you should dust off that gym pass or take out a new plan. But even just a few regular walks a week can help.
So if you are like many others that haven’t kept their health related resolutions, then don’t just think you have failed and give it up.
Consider the many options that are available to make you healthier. The benefits can be far reaching, with the impacts reaching many aspects of your work and personal life.
Why not give it a go?