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Dismissed on the first day

Summa McCosker
The recent Myer vs Andrew Flanagan case has resurrected an important discussion on background checks. The American businessman was hired and then sacked on his first day, after it was found that he had falsified his credentials in order to get the job. He was then charged by Victorian police with fraud. It’s cases such as this that highlight the importance of CV checks prior to the point of hiring. Firing an employee on their first day is never a good start, whatever the role of the candidate!
HR professionals are looking for a thorough, reliable means to confirm the background of applicants. Background checking, largely unheard of in Australia two decades ago, is now regarded as an integral part of the recruitment process.
Background checking can include validation of the candidate’s identity, previous employment, qualifications and memberships, as well as searches to identify information that may be relevant to their role (criminal history, bankruptcy, litigation, directorships etc).
PeopleCheck is the only dedicated background checking provider in the Hunter, assisting organisations in minimising the risks associated with hiring unqualified and fraudulent applicants. CV fraud is rampant and the risks to business are real.
As candidates get more creative and technology continues to develop, thorough background checking is becoming critical to avoid hiring the next Flanagan!
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SummaMcCosker 2 Summa McCosker
Is the Managing Director of PeopleCheck and is a qualified Criminologist, she has specialised in employment background checking since its infancy in Australia and has experience undertaking employment background checks, both within Australia and throughout the world. Summa has a Master of Criminology from the University of Sydney and Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Western Sydney.